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Futech Companies were created to provide a wide selection of electrical products to automated machine fabricators and control panel builders. When design professionals planned and built their machines, Futech got them the components they needed. We were, as we still are today, a one-stop solution provider for your control components and automation product needs.


First established in the greater Montreal area, our early customers loved having all their needs met in one place. Opening new Futech companies, south, west and east of Montreal provided those areas with local inventory and expertise to support. These new markets called for us to add products and services. Each Futech company answers to their client’s specific needs.


We partner with globally recognized quality manufacturers forming a solid portfolio of electrical power equipment and electrical / pneumatic control products. Grouped together, they provide an extensive offering, from Medium Voltage breakers, 650HP inverter duty electric motor, to the narrowest beam laser photo detector. Working with them, we bring you a reliable competent link to their products and application expertise. Our team of experienced representatives bridge this knowledge to you.


For Building :

  • Electric Power Distribution Equipments
  • Lighting & lighting control
  • Heating & heating control
  • VFD’s for ventilation & pumping
  • Electric motor & pump maintenance / replacement

For Machinery OEM’s in ;

  • Wood & Lumber Industry equipment
  • Building materials
  • Material handling / hoisting / conveying
  • Power & Emergency Power generation
  • Consumer goods / Food & beverages
  • Pharmaceutical & Personal care
  • Water & Wastewater treatment equipment
  • Agriculture & Produce growing equipment
  • Petrochemical & Gas / Mining & Metals
  • Entertainment & Stage equipment

For Industry :

  • Electric Power Distribution Equipment
  • Rugged & Hazloc rated Lighting equipment & Controls
  • Process & Building electric Heating equipment & Controls
  • Industrial equipment Controls / Sensing /Speed & Motion
  • Industrial equipment / Safety / Automation / Communication
  • Electric motor & Pump Maintenance / Replacement

For Process :

  • Applied electric Heating for Liquids / Solids & Containers
  • Electric Hot Water & Steam Generators
  • Applied Detection / Sensing & Monitoring
  • Simple Automation & Personnel – Machine Interfacing
  • Small scale Data Acquisition & Reporting
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